We must make an immediate transition to 100% clean, renewable energy in New Hampshire, New England, the nation and globally!

ECHO Action supports the immediate transition to 100% clean

energy in New Hampshire, New England, the nation and globally!

When we choose renewable energy we give ourselves the gift of true energy independence and we'll never run out of it!


The more wind power we use, the fewer greenhouse gas emissions we generate, resulting in cleaner, safer air, water, soil and farms. We may even have offshore wind in NH!

Once you see one of the many different types of wind turbines that are out there, and check one out up close, you'll see how exciting wind generated energy really is!

Wind Vision: A new era for wind power
in the United States. (

These wind turbine trees are already installed in Paris. They're clean energy, quiet and a work of art!

This bladeless wind turbine for homes and businesses may become the least expensive wind turbine.

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