Shoutouts from the Frontlines

What people are saying about our work!

Siobhan Senier, Epping NH


"The knowledge, experience and passion these folks are bringing to NH is just extraordinary. A true labor of love, and they operate on an absolute shoestring. Consider a donation if you can."

Chris Balch, Wilton NH


"From the days of NED [Kinder Morgan "Northeast Energy Direct" pipeline] to today and the current struggle against Granite Bridge, ECHO has been a central player, informing the public and opposing fossil fuels. GREAT WORK and keep it up!"

Mary Kisinger, Fitzwilliam NH


"Stephanie, we are seriously contemplating solar, and are currently receiving estimates, for spring installation. It would be good for all of us to better understand that there are many installation options, such as outright purchase of the equipment vs. rental, and how they affect our electrical billing. Thank you for undertaking yet another energy initiative [Solarize Monadnock] for our Monadnock area!"

Deirdre Derchin Olson, Northfield MA


"ECHO is a wonderful group of dedicated, knowledgeable, people who have been in the forefront helping citizens and their communities understand the impacts of fossil fuel buildouts and standing up for their rights for clean air and clean water.

ECHO has always been in my mind the go to group of people who welcomed everyone when we were fighting NED. They always extended their knowledgeable hands out in friendship and solidarity. It has always been a pleasure working with such a fine organization."

Jerry Liguori, Salt Lake City, UT


"Great organization! Fighting for a just cause in a professional and educated manner."