Stop The NH Pipeline: Monadnock Region

ECHO Action


Contact: Stephanie Scherr


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Gas Plant Concerns:


- Poisoned air and water
- Soil, farms & food irrigated by frack wastewater
- Contaminated drinking water, wells, aquifers, streams, rivers, lakes, wetlands
- Life threatening health impacts to children, families, fracked gas workers
- Increased ‪#‎climatechange‬ impacts
- Big oil & gas locking us into a fossil fuel future
- Leaks, explosions, safety record
- Environmental impacts, destruction of pristine lands, wildlife habitat, corridors, migration zones and fragmenting wildlife habitat
- The taking of private land, protected and conservation land, state and national parks and historic and private homes, churches and schools by eminent domain
- Loss of insurance coverage of our homes and land due to pipelines, compressor stations, fracking and frackquakes
- Lost value to our homes and land
- Loss of rural community character, scenic vistas
- Loss of peace of mind, quiet, and dark night skies
- Dangerous, poison gas spewing, light emitting, noisy, unsightly compressor and metering stations
- Paying on our utility bills for a pipeline we don't want or need
- 17 directly impacted and countless other impacted towns in NH
- At least 5 directly impacted states: PA, NY, CT, MA, NH
- Elected officials ignoring climate, air, water protection laws
- Massive financial corporate media spin confusing the public, misrepresenting facts
- Collusion and deceptive practices
- Companies with abhorrent safety records marred by repeated leaks, explosions and other disasters, promising safe, clean energy to uninformed consumers
- Environmental, social, racial, economic, cultural injustice of enormous energy corporations too big and too protected to control

NED pipeline route through New Hampshire, connecting with Vermont