NH Wants To Be #FossilFree603

Contact: Marianne Salcetti


Our largest campaign is in assisting Monadnock Region communities in defense of their property, health, safety from the proposed Kinder Morgan Northeast Direct (NED) pipeline. All 17 directly impacted towns have written warrant articles and/or resolutions against the pipeline.


Towns on the NED pipeline route are under threat from:


- Poisoned air and water
- Soil, farms & food irrigated by frack wastewater
- Contaminated drinking water, wells, aquifers, streams, rivers, lakes, wetlands
- Life threatening health impacts to children, families, fracked gas workers
- Increased ‪#‎climatechange‬ impacts
- Big oil & gas locking us into a fossil fuel future
- Leaks, explosions and the incineration zone
- Environmental impacts, destruction of pristine lands, wildlife habitat, corridors, migration zones and fragmenting wildlife habitat
- The taking of private land, protected and conservation land, state and national parks and historic and private homes, churches and schools by eminent domain
- Loss of insurance coverage of our homes and land due to pipelines, compressor stations, fracking and frackquakes
- Lost value to our homes and land
- Loss of rural community character, scenic vistas
- Loss of peace of mind, quiet, and dark night skies
- Dangerous, poison gas spewing, light emitting, noisy, unsightly compressor and metering stations
- Paying on our utility bills for a pipeline we don't want or need
- 17 directly impacted and countless other impacted towns in NH
- At least 5 directly impacted states: PA, NY, CT, MA, NH
- From elected officials who ignore climate, air, water protection laws
- From the massive financial corporate media spin confusing the public
- From the collusion and deceptive practices of large corporations
- Companies with abhorrent safety records marred by repeated leaks, explosions and other disasters, promising safe, clean energy to uninformed consumers
- Environmental, social, racial, economic, cultural injustice of enormous energy corporations too big and too protected to control
- From unresponsive, unsupportive elected officials tainted by campaign funding from unscrupulous sources! Get the money out of politics!