Solarize Monadnock

"We are seriously contemplating solar, and are currently receiving estimates, for spring installation. It would be good for all of us to better understand that there are many installation options, such as outright purchase of the equipment vs. rental, and how they affect our electrical billing. Thank you for undertaking yet another energy initiative for our Monadnock area!"

Mary Kisinger, Fitzwilliam


Mary's ready to go solar! Are you?

The Monadnock Energy Hub's Solarize Monadnock campaign will include the towns of Fitzwilliam, Rindge, Peterborough, Sharon and Hancock.


Through this effort, residents will have incentives made available to encourage transitioning to clean, renewable solar energy.

As a part of this process, requests for proposals (RFPs) have gone out to solar companies servicing New Hampshire. Their proposals will be reviewed by the Steering Committee of the Solarize Monadnock team and recommendations will be made to participating towns.


• Participate in raising awareness about the solarize campaign

• Assist at community solarize events - no experience necessary
• Make their home available for tours if they already have solar installed

• Student opportunities - see the flyer below.

More information will be available to residents this spring!



Fitzwilliam Energy Committee on Facebook

Town of Fitzwilliam website

Fitzwilliam Newsletter (monthly)

Contact: Stephanie Scherr



Rindge Energy Commission on Facebook

Rindge Newsletter (quarterly)

Contact: Pat Martin

* Solarize Monadnock participating towns have no liability in this process. It is an independent effort through the Monadnock Energy Hub.

Learn more about the campaign and other participating towns at!

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You're invited to the Solarize Monadnock campaign kickoff!

Wednesday, March 13th

Peterborough Town Hall

Thursday, March 14th

Franklin Pierce University, Spagnuolo Hall

• Meet the Fitzwilliam and Rindge representatives of the Monadnock Energy Hub's Solarize Monadnock campaign.

• View a presentation about going solar!

• Meet our vetted installers and ask questions!

Not sure if you want to go solar? That's okay. You're welcome to attend to learn more about solar. There's no pressure, no obligation, just neighbors and friends excited about tapping the sun to warm their homes!

Student Volunteers

High School and College Students 

• Be involved in community outreach and promotion of this campaign, working alongside professionals in the renewable, environmental, sustainability and climate planning fields.

As a student volunteer you would...

• Attend an introductory presentation to learn about Solarize Monadnock and our goals and to share your interests with us

• Learn about our needs, the expectations of volunteers, and benefits of volunteering


Some student responsibilities would be...

• Distribute invitations and flyers at community gathering places

• Greet the community as they arrive at Solarize kick off and promotional events

• Staff tables, help with sign ups and distributing materials

• Answer frequently asked questions and refer community members to staff

• Assist with children's activities


Who can participate

• High school and college students


How to become a Solarize student volunteer

Contact Pat Martin, 603-899-2894

Become a Fitzwilliam & Rindge Solarize Sponsor!

Businesses are encouraged to share their support for clean energy by becoming a sponsor!

Becoming a sponsor means your logo will be included on our Solarize marketing materials! Spread a little positive "energy" by letting your clients know you support clean, renewable energy!

🍃Tree service companies are encouraged to become sponsors!

From the Fitzwilliam & Rindge Solarize Teams

February Update



On these cold winter days, members of your town energy committee are already gearing up for spring. We're excited to be participating in the Monadnock Energy Hub’s “Solarize Monadnock” campaign! Through this effort, residents will have incentives made available to encourage transitioning to clean, renewable solar energy. Wouldn't you like to be tapping into brilliant sunshine to warm your home?



The Solarize Monadnock team sent out requests for proposals (RFPs) to solar companies servicing New Hampshire and have already had preliminary meetings. Their proposals are being reviewed by the Solarize Steering Committee and installer recommendations will be made to participating towns.



We are looking for neighbors who are excited about renewable energy to…


•  Participate in raising awareness about the Solarize Monadnock campaign

•  Make their home available for tours if they are already enjoying the benefits of solar

•  Help out at the launch event at FPU



Would you like to be a Solarize Monadnock sponsor? Local businesses and tree servicers  sponsors will be included in our campaign materials to come out soon. Tree servicing businesses are encouraged to become sponsors!



You are warmly invited to learn more about going solar at the Solarize Monadnock campaign launch event at Franklin Pierce College’s Spagnuolo Hall on Thursday, March 14th at 6:30 pm. All are welcome! Please invite interested friends and neighbors! We look forward to seeing you there.




    Fitzwilliam Energy Committee

    Rindge Energy Commission

    Solarize Monadnock

Fitzwilliam Newsletter


Members of the Fitzwilliam Energy Committee and the Rindge Energy Commission are participating cooperatively. For more information, please contact:



Stephanie Scherr




* Solarize Monadnock is an independent project of the Monadnock Energy Hub and its members. The government of participating towns have no liability in this program.