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✓ Your vote today can stop pipelines!

Stephanie Scherr

Activist Echoes Editor

"We don't get a vote." TODAY, YOU DO!

Governor Sununu...

• Supports pipelines and fossil fuel expansion.

• Vetoed legislators who voted to raise the solar cap from 1MW to 5MWs.

• Said he'd support offshore wind if NH residents showed support for it. 20 towns passed resolutions and warrant articles and he still hasn't taken action.

• Said he'd never suppress the student vote and then did just that.

Hey, I know how it is. We're all a bit frustrated right now. A few weeks ago I called my State Rep and asked him to override Governor Sununu's veto of SB446, a net metering bill that would have raised the solar cap from 1MW to 5MWs. He not only said no, he said, "I wouldn't get your vote anyway." Wow. So, if I wouldn't vote for him, he doesn't represent me? 

I shared this story in a letter to the editor in support of another candidate and I'll be voting for her today. Oh, it's not because we disagree. This man has a very large home run by a lot of solar. He benefits from net metering and gets credit for the energy he puts back into the grid, but wouldn't extend that benefit to his neighbors. That's not being a good representative of the people.

Voting Is Pipeline & Climate Activism

If you haven't had time to attend pipeline meetings, writing a letter to the editor, stand with signs, make docket comments or donate to climate and pipeline education programs, you can do this today! In every state, we have the opportunity to stop pipelines by supporting climate action candidates!

Shake Up And Wake Up

So many great new voices have run for office in 2018 and a lot of them are extremely vocal in their opposition to pipelines! You know who will make a real difference. Let's get them in office so they can shake up and wake up (or replace!!!) all those State Senators who support Granite Bridge Pipeline.

Youth Vote

Are you a millennial? We need you. We need you now more than we ever needed you before. Don't give up on a broken system, change it! We all feel frustrated with the system, but you have to engage to change! Please vote!

Got Kids? Grandkids?

For just a moment, think about them. Pipeline resistance is about many things - the economic burden on ratepayers, the environmental damage caused, the threat to our health, safety, food, water and air quality. It's also about leaving a livable planet to future generations. Do it for them!

This Is Not A Drill, The Climate Threat Is Real

We know you all. You're good-hearted, informed citizens taking action. We hope you're also thinking about climate change. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said we have 2 years to turn around our habits and only 12 years to get off all fossil fuels. This is not politics, this is a fight for survival. Deniers put us closer to harm every single day. We can rise above that.

Your Vote Counts

The truth is, your vote counts.  It doesn't matter what gets you to the polls today. What matters is that we all support the candidates who are fighting to more jobs, to protect ratepayers from undue burden, to keep our air, water and food safe and to ensure a healthy life for generations to come. Your one vote today could be the one that puts a voice against pipelines in office!

Schedule It In

We know life is busy. We're tired, running, trying to get everything into our day. Stop. Breathe. Think. What is the most important thing you'll do today? Is it get your child to sports practice? dance class? a work meeting? Whatever it is, consider the long-term positive impact of making the time to vote.

Maybe it's just your own crazy day. It's like a little yoga moment - imagine how good you'll feel when you walk out of that voting booth knowing you did your civic duty today!

Bring Your Kids Into The Voting BoothTake your kids with you. Talk to them about the power citizens have in making choices instead of having choices made for them. Good citizenship starts young. 

What You Need

• Bring your ID. Even if you can't find it, you can still vote!

• Students, you can vote! Bring your ID with address or proof of where you live. A letter from someone where you live can work too! Really!

Bring A Sample Ballot In The Booth With You

It's perfectly legal to bring notes, a sample ballot or your phone into the voting booth with you so you don't forget who you wanted to vote for. Take as long as you need. It's your vote! Need to know more about candidates and ballot questions? Look now on Ballotpedia!

Thank you in advance for TAKING ACTION AGAINST PIPELINES TODAY and sending a message to all our legislators that you demand a change!

Wherever you live, whatever pipeline you're fighting, if you have the time, talk to candidates about pipelines at the polls today, then share it with us! We'd love to hear about it. Never miss a moment to engage!

Donate today to support climate and pipeline education and action!

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