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White House climate change webpage disappears after Trump's inauguration

Climate scientists have spent weeks backing up and protecting years of climate data they expect the Trump administration to destroy. Their worst fears began to be realized within an hour of Donald Trump's inauguration when the climate change page was deleted from the White House website. Since then, other pages have also been removed.

Climate change is no longer debated by scientists. We know that the climate has changed and that the degree to which it has changed is ever-increasing as our use of fossil fuels the world over continues. Donald Trump has pledged to rebuild the coal industry, to use all fossil fuels without limit, to remove the EPA and all environmental regulations protecting air, water, food, health and our future.

"Less than an hour after President Trump took the oath of office on Friday, the White House’s webpage on climate change disappeared from the Executive Branch's main site, the latest sign that the new administration will divert resources – and attention – from the issue.

The removal of the page from the White House’s website came around the same time the site and other Executive Branch digital platforms were overhauled to reflect the new administration. The Obama Administration's climate change page still exists, but was migrated to a National Archives website.

Trump has long denied, or at least questioned, the nearly unanimous agreement among scientists that human activity is causing rapid shifts in the Earth’s climate. At one point, the president called the phenomenon a “hoax” propagated by China to make U.S. manufacturing less competitive.

He has also brought into question whether the U.S. will adhere to the United Nation’s landmark climate deal, which went into effect late last year. Trump has indicated that the U.S. could withdraw from the accord, though such a move would take years to accomplish.

Former President Barack Obama expressed enthusiasm to tackle global climate change throughout his time in office, offering a Climate Action Plan in 2013 that outlined how the U.S. would respond to the issue."



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