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Today's the anniversary of the NED Pipeline withdrawal, but is there a hidden pipeline threat?

It's one year since the NED pipeline was withdrawn.

Do you feel relieved? Safe? Have you let your guard down?

They're here and the plan for a pipeline is already under way.

Please sign & share this PETITION:

Liberty Utilities and Kinder Morgan hope so! They're planning a gas plant in Keene and other gas facilities across the state, creating a false demand which will justify a pipeline. We need you now.


Extremely low attendance at the Keene Planning Board last night in Keene.

Jeff Scott (Chesterfield)

Geoff Daly (Nashua)

Pam Clark (Westmoreland)

Stephanie Scherr (Fitzwilliam)

Chris Balch (Wilton)

Sue Durling (Winchester, did not speak)

Terri O'Rourke (Richmond, did not speak).

Meeting notes are on the Keene Gas Plant page.

Many thanks to those who drove quite a distance to be there, but this showing is not enough to make an impact.

Please, sign the no pipeline petition and join us at the next meeting. We just can't wait.

#StopNEd #NEDpipeline #NoZombieNED #LibertyUtilities #Keene #KeeneGasPlant

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