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Think more #C02 is good for Earth? You're not alone, so let's review some #ScienceFacts

When we saw this great video of people around the world, on every continent, marching, rallying, carrying signs, calling for climate justice now, we wanted to share!

We often tag our legislators because we know that some of them believe the climate science, but they think we can take our time getting there or believe gas industry lobbyists (who are very convincing at making people believe their story) that natural (fracked) gas will reduce CO2 emissions.

We've all been Greg. We read something and it doesn't strike us as true. We have some existing piece of information and it doesn't line up with that. Yes Greg, C02 is an important part of the life cycle here on Earth.

Why is CO2 good? Do you remember learning about photosynthesis in science class? Here's the basics. Plants use carbon dioxide (#C02) and energy from the sun to make glucose and use that as food. Then they expel oxygen, that we need to breathe. That's why plants are important to us. They also store energy and we and other living things eat plants for our own energy needs.

So, isn't more CO2 better? That might seem the logical conclusion. Since we can't set up science class for you right here, we're going to let Bill Nye The Science Guy explain it in this Smithsonian video. It's the same one we shared online when we responded to Greg's comment on Twitter.

More C02 isn't better, it's a serious problem for life on Earth. Humanity is so ingenious, we've tech'd ourselves right to the brink of disaster. It's like getting the chickenpox and scratching, even though we know it hurts, it leaves scars and we'll spread the infection around.

The more we burn fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas, the more carbon dioxide we put into the atmosphere, along with other toxins we breathe in and get into our water. Natural gas is methane, a greenhouse gas 86 times more potent than carbon dioxide!

The fossil fuel industry can tell you their pipelines don't leak and they're doing all kinds of great things, but the truth is that not only do their pipelines leak methane, but they also leak it as it's being extracted from the earth using very damaging processes that damage the bedrock and poison the water. Then they also intentionally release methane into the atmosphere every time they release pressure in a pipeline. It's called a "blowdown".

Let's put it this way. If energy efficiency, weatherization and renewable energy means cleaner water and air, a lot more jobs, no black lung disease, a better economy and protecting species and snow from the extreme climate impacts ahead, why are we even fighting over who's causing climate change? Let's just do it!

Okay, back to Greg...

Greg didn't like Bill Nye, so we shared a National Geographic video with him.

Greg wasn't open to that either. Let's try just one more time.

We left Greg with this final video from the EPA. Then he stopped chatting with us. I wonder if it's something we said.

Greg is what some call a #troll. A troll is someone who tries to bait you, get you angry and incite a reaction from you. When a troll comes calling you can respond thoughtfully a few times, then walk away or just ignore them.

We responded to Greg because we know better and we want to wipe away the cobwebs, giving him some food for thought. Will we change his mind? Probably not, but what if others reading our exchange decided to watch the video and learn more? We may never know about it, but we know it happens. One thing is for sure, if we let Greg get us upset, no one will listen.

Whatever you do, don't let trolls steal your time and energy. You have good work to get back to. Maybe Greg will come around to the climate science another day.

If the last science textbook you read was in 1955, or if you're studying photosynthesis and the atmosphere on your tablet and still don't get it, hang in there. There's a reason 99% of scientists on Earth agree that climate change is a serious problem that we all must solve together. Let's be part of the solution.

Oh, and that great video that started the entire exchange, here it is! For the survival of humanity and every other life on Earth, let's come together!


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