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There's more than one way to go renewable - you don't even need panels or blades!

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

Stephanie A. Scherr

ECHO Action Team

Activist Echoes Blog Editor

Concerned about the gas blast, the cost and damage of expanding fossil fuels?

We have options! Go solar! Go wind! Go electric!

Years ago, customers avoided electric heat because of the expense, but now we're going back as consumers transition to renewable energy in a variety of ways.

1. CONSERVE. The first way we save money is by saving energy!

The less we use, the lower the cost and impact. Home weatherization is our first defense to expanding fossil fuel use and reducing the economic and environmental impact of our energy use. NHSaves offers home energy tips and rebates!

2. TRANSITION. An increasing number of consumers are transitioning to renewable energy and heat pumps!

If you have solar panels on your home, excess energy can be fed back into the grid for others to use, reducing the overall amount of gas and other fossil fuels consumed. If you're wondering, yes, you get credit for energy you put back into the grid, making it even cheaper!

You can purchase solar panels outright or choose a company that leases them. A company representative will come to you and assess if you're home is a good candidate for solar, give tips on how to increase solar potential, such as tree trimming, and explain payment options. Most companies are able to set customers up with a bill that is equal to or below their current electric bill!

When it's cold outside, heat pumps extract warm molecules from the outdoors and bring them inside. They can also do the reverse when it's warm, acting like an air conditioner, removing heat from your home. This process of moving heat to where you want it is very efficient. The work really well down to about 25º or 30º Fahrenheit. A heat pump uses electricity that can be provided by solar or option #3!

This is really cool - did you know that you can assess your own home for solar using mapping tools? Check them out!

3. CHOOSE. Maybe you're not ready to put solar on your home or business. You can still go renewable by choosing a 100% renewable electricity provider!

Residential, small business and industrial customers can choose their electricity provider. Many customers don't know that they don't have to have their electricity provided by the utility company they use. At no cost, you can choose a provider!

As you scan through the providers available, you'll see how much renewable energy they use. Some providers use a percentage of renewable energy, others are 100% renewable and the rates are comparable! The more we choose renewable, the higher the demand for them, the more companies will be motivated to transition their sources. Shop now for an electricity provider in New Hampshire!

Even small changes have a great impact when we all make them. As autumn weather approaches, it's a great time to seal up leaks, put on storm windows, increase insulation in attics, around outlets and in other key areas of your home. The best thing about energy efficiency is that when we reduce energy use we save money, reduce fossil fuel use, stop pipeline expansion and protect ourselves from the unhealthy emissions associated with their extraction and use.


It's up to all of us to divest from fossil fuels. When we reduce demand, these problems will begin resolving themselves.

How do you divest?

1. Switch all of your investments/stocks, credit cards and bank accounts to divested companies.

2. Get others together and ask your employer to divest your retirement funds.

3. Start a campaign for your town, your college, your church to divest!

It's not hard and you won't be alone. A lot of people are demanding the change.


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