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The New Progressive Movement: Is the paradigm shift we've been waiting for finally here?


In the Year of the Progressives, if Joe Sestak wins a Senate seat in PA, could this lead to a ban on fracking?

Sestak has called for a moratorium on fracking. His video boldly proclaims he "is the only Democrat running for U.S. Senate calling for a moratorium on fracking."

In New Hampshire, where Democrats, like granite, are essentially unmoved by the prospect of a fracked gas pipeline pushing through our state, could incoming progressives be our answer?

As the Bernie Revolution barrels through the country steamrolling candidates in its path, in the face of the fossil fuel pushers, FERC and highly funded elected officials, will it be THE PEOPLE who ultimately get to decide on this issue?

As expected with such a polarizing issue, comments on his Facebook page regarding his video range from strong support to strong objection.

"I own property, I can't raise farm animals on it, I can't burn wood fires on it, I can't stop drones from flying over it. I can't cut trees down if their trunks are over a certain diameter to build. Can't operate an industry. Can't always use my own well. And I'm supposed to worry about fracking rights?"

"Wealthy people don't give 3 FKG shits about high energy costs & electricity; unfortunately, there are a lot of folks THAT DO!So U R sayin that folks that OWN mineral rights on property they OWN should be held captive to the open market?Your song would be quite different if you worked you ass off for 30 years to own property that had GAS under it!"

"Joe you're an absolute fool with a stance like this and I am a lifelong Democrat and former committeeman in two different PA counties.These low prices for fuel are mostly due to fracking and they are a very good thing for the Democratic base of working middle class folks and the poor!You're foolishness would take this away from us!It seems very hypocritical of you coming from a nonfracking and wealthy area like S.E. PA and trying to take something away from areas of the state that have been poor and depressed for years!Fracking is going no where here in PA as it is embedded in this state for years..."

While some of these comments are detailed and coarse, they are followed by many simple claims.

"You have my vote! Water is everything!" and "Open your mind. Don't frack yourself."

One thing seems clear. Those who support fracking are aggressively attacking those who seek to stop it.

What will eventually shut down the fracking industry? Will it be the people who have been poisoned? The decline in demand? The booming renewable industry? Politicians fighting back against money in politics? All of the above? In a year of political transitioning not seen in decades, pipeline opponents should not sit back and watch, but rather, jump in and make a splash!

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"Great news though: moments ago, Joe Sestak announced that he's seeking a rematch in 2016, and VoteVets is proud to stand with him.

If the Senate is going to change hands next November, progressives must flip Pennsylvania ... and Joe Sestak is the best choice to lead the way. It is imperative that Joe Sestak's campaign get off to a strong start today." Full article

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