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The Earth just passed a major climate milestone & there no going back

You've heard the climate concerns about threats. You've seen the images as drought, fires, hurricanes and other weather events become more severe. There's a global pushback against fossil fuels. Well, we just hit another milestone, and we're not going back. We're still #FossilFree603, but we've just added another hashtag for information: #WeCantWait.

"The world just passed a longstanding climate marker, further proof that atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide has changed in a stunning, measurable way since the Industrial Revolution.Put another way: Children born today will likely never live in a world where the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide is less than 400 parts per million — a 42 percent increase from pre-industrial levels." - Think Progress (Read more.)

Other resources on this:

Scientific American: Antarctic CO2 hit 400 ppm for first time in 4 million years

NatGeo: Climate Milestone: Earth's CO2 level passes 400 ppm


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