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Thanksgiving #FoodForThought: What kind of world will you leave to those who will call you their anc

On this American Feast Day, aka First Nations Day of Mourning, speak #truth with your loved ones.

My dear friends, I ask that you take some time today to share with those at your table that the "Pilgrim & Indians" story we learned from dusty American History books is not true.

Colonialists came to lay claim to land that wasn't theirs, to make "great (dirty) deals" with indians (sound familiar?) and to bring pain, oppression and pestilence to people with no immunity to their diseases. They continued to encroach, force their personal and religious value, language and culture on people that needed no saving.

Today, we do not honor treaties, continue to deny rights, water, sanitation, basic health care and ignore the concerns of the most oppressed people of this land. We are so disrespectful that we allowed the sacred burial site of their ancestors to be bulldozed, a pipeline built through it. This must change.

Children can process the truth if it's shared in a compassionate way. When you speak with respect and truth, you raise yourself up in your children's eyes. They will remember your words and integrity, following your example. Of this, comes greatness.

We now recognize that Native Americans, the First Nations of this land, the indigenous people who lay claim to the land by saying no one can own it, are the ones who truly understand it. Every life owes itself to every other. They are all valued and revered, not exploited.

With all this in mind, it is not surprising that indigenous people of this land and those who have come from around the world, are leading the peaceful way back to not taking more than we need, giving back, always considering our impact and each other.

From the four winds, may you and your family be blessed today with mind, body, heart and spirit that walk a path closer to nature so that we may sustain a life for those who will call us their ancestors.

I wish a peaceful, joyous gathering to all those at Standing Rock and that we may all be thankful for these brave warriors, who in the face of intimidating and abusive power, have remained true to their heritage, consistently rising above the provocation.

Do not whitewash their efforts, accepting the mainstream media spoon-fed stories. Listen to and learn from their vision of peace, for it is that which may save us all.

As you give thanks today, break bread with loved ones, say grace - remember the origins from which this day comes. Be well and happy with friends and family today, grateful for every plateful and generous with your words and actions as well as your bounty.

With love - thank you. Aho.

#TheWorldIsWatching #StandWithStandingRock #Rezpect #WaterIsLife

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