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Take action, speak up! Politicians and candidates need to hear from you!

We want you to Make Your Voice Echo! To move forward with renewables and put the brakes of fossil fuels, we need to say and show that's what we want. If we're not doing that, there's no indication that it's what the people of New Hampshire want.

Here are five easy things you can do to be heard!

1. Write letters to the Editor of your local newspaper. You can either respond to an article in the news or just send in your opinion or concern. This alerts the community about pipelines, emissions, health impacts, etc. and it also wakes up State Reps who read them. Need fact checking? We can help you with that! We even have a guide on how to do it, including the links to send them out to. You'll find links to published letters at the bottom of the Granite Bridge page of our site.

2. Write or call your legislators. A lot of people are nervous about this. Your local State Representative is an unpaid elected official who is there to represent you. Give them a call and have a chat or meet in person. It's super easy to send them an email. We've provided links to help you locate contact info for your legislators.

3. Share our comments on Facebook & Twitter, adding your own concerns to the post. If you Tweet something pipeline, fossil fuel or renewables-related, we'll retweet you! Tag us up @ECHOaction on Facebook and @ECHOactionteam on Twitter.

4. Go to events that introduce the community to candidates running for office. Write down your question in advance. Don't make it too long. Try to stick to one question and be direct. Ask a friend to video the question and answer. Make sure you can be heard, but focus the camera on the candidates words and body language. Ask, "Do you oppose the Granite Bridge Pipeline, yes or no?" Don't get an answer, the answer was dodged or they moved off to another topic? Respond quickly. "You didn't answer my question. Do you oppose the Granite Bridge Pipeline?" Be bold. They want to represent you. Make them answer the question and get it on video.

5. Get involved! It's fun, it's social, it's educational, it's an important community service and it feels good to take action!

• Host a sign-painting party at your house or garage.*

• Host an ECHO Action pipeline education session for your community or organization.

• Join us at daytime visibility events with your own personal "Go Renewable Now" or "Stop The Pipeline" message.*

• Join us in evening visibility events with our lighted signs!*

* Attending these events also gives you the opportunity to discuss issues and learn so you will be more at ease in discussing them with family, friends, neighbors and legislators!


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