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Submit your comments by March 9th, attend BOEM meeting & protest to stop offshore drilling in th


Public Comment Opportunity

Holiday Inn, Concord NH

Drop-in open visiting, 3:00-7:00 PM

Join us and other regional organizations at the Holiday Inn in Concord at the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management's public meeting.

Stand with citizens, science educators, environmental organizations, clean water action, marine mammal and shorebird protection, ocean advocates and those who love the seashore in protecting fragile whale populations, dolphins, seals, lobsters, fisheries, estuaries, shorebirds, coastal communities and the tourism industry by saying NO TO OFFSHORE DRILLING in the Gulf of Maine and across America.

We want to be #FossilFree603! #NoDrillNoSpillNoKill

Wear light blue or your favorite ocean or marine mammal themed T shirt in support of our seas! #OneWorldOcean

Surfrider action alert to federal representatives opposing the plan to expand offshore drilling:


Save Our Seas, protect our resources and all its inhabitants. We want to be #FossilFree603! Support #NHoffshorewind! To learn more follow NH OFFSHORE WIND: Blow the winds of change into the Gulf of Maine


Not sure what to write? Use our script! Edit and add your own comments to personalize your message to the BOEM. Your voice is important. Thank you! #MakeYourVoiceEcho!

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Ryan Zinke, U.S. Secretary of the Interior

Department of the Interior

1849 C Street, N.W.

Washington DC 20240

Dear Secretary Zinke,

I write to you with grave concern about opening the coastal waters of America to increased offshore drilling. As a resident of New Hampshire, my personal concern is for the Gulf of Maine. off the shores of New England.

I treasure our beautiful rocky coastline and all of the species that live here and migrate through. The North Atlantic Right Whale, Humpback whales and so many other species already hanging in the balance would be threatened by the excessive, excruciating sound that may even leave them deaf and unable to navigate by echolocation. Shorebirds that live here all year long or migrate through would also be put at risk.

Those who draw their income from fishing in the Gulf of Maine's waters and the restaurants and tourism that are generated from fishing and recreation would be severely impacted. In New Hampshire, tourism is a key source of revenue.

To continue drilling for oil and gas is destructive to coastal and marine ecology and species, but also to our climate, that is already impacting moose, lobster, shrimp, cod, maple trees and the quality of maple syrup.

The precious snow that tourists flock to see sparkling on our mountaintops. go skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling on, is already in decline. We just can't risk raising the temperature even one degree more.

I stand with Governor Sununu, Senator Shaheen and Senator Hassan in respectfully asking that you reconsider the damaging practice of offshore drilling for oil and gas in favor of the people and wildlife that live in New Hampshire and New England and support of increased offshore wind and solar.


[Your Name]

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Environmental Impact Statements; Availability, etc.: 2019-2024 Draft Proposed Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program


Notice of Availability (NOA) of the 2019-2024 Draft Proposed Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Oil and Gas Leasing Program and Notice of Intent (NOI) to Prepare a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

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