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#StopPruitt Demand Senators reject Trump's pick for the EPA



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"In an act of desperation, GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is ramming through the nomination vote of Oklahoma AG Scott Pruitt, Donald Trump's pick for EPA administrator, TODAY.

They're desperate to get this climate denier confirmed now because an Oklahoma judge just ordered the unsealing of Pruitt's years of email communications with oil and gas companies.

Here's the situation: There are 50 GOP Senators planning to vote for Pruitt—all of them except Susan Collins of Maine, who's planning to vote no, and John McCain, who will be out of the country. That's just enough to confirm Pruitt, but fossil-fueled Democrats Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Joe Manchin of West Virginia are also planning to vote for Trump's candidate.

Call your senators to block Pruitt.

Republican Senators need to hear that they are supporting Trump's corruption of our democracy by voting before Pruitt's emails are released.

And Democratic Senators need to personally tell Heitkamp and Manchin that there is a cost of betraying their party, the American people, and the planet in favor of Trump and the climate polluters.

Pruitt would be a disastrous Environmental Protection Agency Administrator for our climate and our country. As a Republican AG, Pruitt laundered campaign contributions from oil billionaires and frackers into lawsuits and political attacks against the EPA and the Clean Power Plan—and the details of his dealings are about to be released on Tuesday thanks to a lawsuit by our friends at the Center for Media and Democracy. Climate hawk senators led by Sheldon Whitehouse helped push the judge to release these documents.

Pruitt also actively demonizes transgender Americans, leading a national suit attacking President Obama's initiatives to fight discrimination against gay and transgender students. Pruitt poses a threat not only to the mission of the EPA but also to the agency's staffers.

Add your name to call on all Senators to strongly oppose Scott Pruitt’s confirmation. His attacks on the climate, the environment, and civil rights disqualify him from service.

On signing, you will receive an email with information on how to directly contact your Senators.

These oil-soaked emails could kill Pruitt's nomination just as Andy Puzder's dirty past knocked him out of the running for Secretary of Labor. It's definitely worth it to pick up the phone and show our strength.

Your fellow climate hawk,

Brad" (Climate Hawks Vote)


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