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We asked twice: Steve Marchand & Molly Kelly, do you oppose the Granite Bridge Pipeline?

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

ECHO Action's Stephanie and Sue attended a third gubernatorial forum to ask about the Granite Bridge Pipeline! Why are we asking again? Candidates can evolve on their positions on an issue as a campaign moves closer to the voting day. We also want to make sure our question, and the answers, are heard in as many communities as possible. Hanover and Lebanon are also fighting Liberty Utilities' gas expansion.

1. Listen beginning at 22 minutes. Our written question was asked first, immediately after candidate intro statements.

We had TWO questions asked about the Granite Bridge Pipeline at Dartmouth College. One of our written questions were answered and one verbal follow up at the end of the forum. Here is our question to Molly Kelly & Steve Marchand!

2. Listen beginning at 1:30. We followed up our written question about Granite Bridge Pipeline.

"Saying you are not supporting Northern Pass or did not support the NED pipeline is different from opposing it. We have known for generations that climate change is a problem. Right here in Hanover and Lebanon, in Keene, and now the Granite Bridge Pipeline from Manchester to Stratham. Our communities across New Hampshire are being attacked by Liberty Utilities, having fracked gas pushed into our communities. I want to hear a very specific reason why you do not oppose the Granite Bridge Pipeline and further, explain to me how you would address climate change in an aggressive way..."

#NoGraniteBridgePipeline #FossilFree603 #NHpolitics


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