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Steve Marchand for Governor: why pipeline opponents should vote in the primary and choose this clean

* YOUR VOTE IN THE NH PRIMARY ON SEPTEMBER 13TH IS CRITICAL. We need the pipeline opponent voter block to get out and vote for the strongest candidate.


Steve says we should say no to projects like the NED pipeline and yes to renewable energy like offshore wind. He says that our choices impact where our state is going and that industry is watching us. We should increase rail service. Steve is a "Berniecrat", who supported Bernie Sanders and his policies for democracy, health, energy, justice and more. He says we should end super delegates. Steve took the time to personally meet our team to discuss our needs and concerns and has been very accessible with questions. We have found a genuine interest and a natural alignment on a wide variety of issues. He has been endorsed by Rights and Democracy NH, More video clips are available and information on the clean energy, climate candidates we are recommending.


Never said no to the NED pipeline, he said, "opposed as proposed", leaving the door open. He says he is for renewable energy, but will not give a definitive yes to pushing renewables and reducing fossil fuels. He says offshore wind is a good idea, but not a definitive yes to a task force to study it. He says we should "move forward", but other than rail service, plans are vague. When approached in Nashua to discuss energy, Mr. Van Ostern replied that he knew he couldn't get our vote. Perhaps he didn't ask what he needs to do to get our vote because he's unwilling to say no and yes without qualifiers.


Says he is for clean energy and we should study offshore wind, but specific positions on energy and pipelines are unclear. He scheduled a meet and greet for Peterborough. He was a no show. He never followed up with an apology, explanation or reschedule.


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