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Standing Rock Flashback: A Year After Bloody Sunday on Backwater Bridge

This week we want to remind you of the assaults on peaceful water protectors that took place at Standing Rock last year during Thanksgiving week. Sioux Z Dezbah & Sophia Wilansky sustained devastating permanent wounds. Sioux Z lost sight in one eye and Sophia had part of her left arm blown off by a concussion grenade. She nearly lost the arm. It is mangled and has no real use or feeling. Hundreds of others were injured by paid mercenaries who attacked the unarmed with water cannons, rubber bullets, tear gas and concussion grenades.

Water protectors were accused of starting fires started by "security" mercenaries. Pipeline representatives even dumped truckloads of trash at the reservation after it was evacuated, to make it appear left behind by those at the encampment.

We ask that you share these images and videos this week and remind the world of the international public effort to stop fossil fuels and pipelines from poisoning our planet. We're ready for 100% renewable now.

#Peace #FossilFree603 #FossilFreeASAP


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