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Small victory for Standing Rock, but will DAPL risk the minimal fines and keep drilling?

Wooh! It's been a crazy weekend at Standing Rock and for those following from afar. As December 5th approached, the date when the Army Corps threatened to evacuate the camps at Standing Rock, so did veterans in support of the indigenous nations.

Celebrations began immediately with photos and live feed videos exploding onto Facebook and other social media.

Mainstream media, absent for nearly the entire stretch of Standing Rock occupation in opposition to DAPL, had suddenly come on the scene with bloodthirsty anticipation of conflict between Standing Rock nations, incoming veteran support and the aggressive Morton County Sheriff's Department along with DAPL mercenaries, many of who are elite force military veterans. (Image credit: BuzzFeed.)

NBC News published an article and video of the camp celebrations.

Even after the late Sunday afternoon announcement from the Army Corps that the easement was denied and Energy Transfer Partners' (ETP) Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) would have to be re-routed, long lines of cars and buses waited to enter the camps well into the early hours of Monday, December 5th. (Image credit: Atsa E'sha Hoferer on Facebook)

Soon after celebrations began, doubts and fears followed.

"Ok...this is a. SHORT TERM delay...nothing ..the corps only said they would not grant the easement for the remainder of this administration that means the trump administration can (and will im sure) fasttrack the easement as promised" said Payu Vane on Facebook.

Olowaan Plain posted on Facebook, "Security lights still on... military and police still present... police drones and aircraft still above us... and from what it seems like from the hill .. work is still happening .. And f-ing Goons still trying to get rid of us."

An article from Reuters announced, "Dec 4 Energy Transfer Partners Lp

* Energy transfer partners and sunoco logistics partners respond to the statement from the department of the army

* The administration's statement that it would not issue an "easement" to dakota access pipeline is a political action

* Fully expect to complete construction of pipeline without any additional rerouting in and around lake oahe

* Co and Sunoco logistics partners are fully committed to ensuring that the project is brought to completion."

Updates from Standing Rock Camp included statements that flood lights were on all night, drones were shot at and rumors that drilling had continued overnight surfaced.

In a desperate attempt to save face and to yet again try to place blame for violence on the people of Standing Rock (despite evidence in live feed videos that went viral globally), the Morton County Sheriff's Department released their own propaganda videos, which have become entertainment for Standing Rock supporters.

A video entitled, Standing Rock Protest~Law Enforcement De-escalation with the quote, “That heavy presence is gone now and I really hope in this de-escalation they’ll see that, and in good faith…the leadership in those camps will start squashing the violent factions,” Cass County Sheriff Laney said. Any violation of the conditions will show that protestors have chosen to be aggressors by violating the law, and it will result in their arrest."

A long list of responses were noted, few of which were in support of MCSD.

By morning, the sound of hopeful voices had turned cautionary, with reminders to stay vigilant, remain encamped and to continue observing DAPL actions in anticipation of refusal to discontinue work, as has been the case in recent weeks. No doubt Monday will bring more concerns and speculation as to whether President Obama will address human rights violations, violence and permanent injury perpetrated on demonstrators by law enforcement.

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