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Rally, Picnic & Speakers to stop the Lebanon/Hanover pipeline, NH solidarity against fracked gas


Go 100% Renewable!


VIGILS! 10am-12 pm

Contact: Gregory Wilson

- Seminary Hill, West Lebanon

- Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital, Route 120, Lebanon

- Hanover Green for 100% renewables, Hanover

- Bank of America, Main Street, Hanover

- Walmart, West Lebanon

MUSIC & PICNIC! 12:30-2:20 pm

Colburn Park (on the green), Lebanon, NH

Saturday, August 12th

12:00-3:00 pm

SPEAKERS! 3:00 pm

- NH State Representative Lee Oxenham

- Rachel Smolker, PhD, Biofuelwatch

- Gregory Wilson, 350 Upper Valley (vigil leader)

- Dr. Reverend Jonathan Chaffee, Upper Valley Transformational Action Affinity Group, intervenor on Liberty Utilities Lebanon/Hanover Pipeline

- Stephanie Scherr, ECHO Action NH & NH Pipeline Resistance

- Poli Sierra Young, First Nations Dartmouth student connected with Standing Rock

- Olivia LaPierre, Leader on Zero Waste and Racial Justice


- Dave Clark of The Midnight Rider Band

- Wool

- Cat and Laura Duo


- Chairs or blankets to sit on

- Your picnic lunch!


- No Pipeline Here Coalition

- Upper Valley Transformational Action Affinity Group

- 350VT Upper Valley

- Upper Valley Young Liberals

- Upper Valley Affinity Group

- Upper Valley Democrats

- Action Together NH, Upper Valley

- Upper Valley Sierra Club

- Simple Energy

- ECHO Action NH


Liberty Utilities has proposed an 11-mile fracked gas pipeline in NH that would run along RT 12-A in Wst Lebanon to west of the Lebanon Green and north to downtown Hanover.

Community opposition is mounting!

In the past, “natural” (fracked) gas was widely viewed as a “bridge fuel” (bridge to renewable energy sources) because it burns cleaner than oil and coal and renewables were still developing. Energy efficiency measures and viable, widely available, renewable energy means we can stop expanding the use of fracked gas.

Hydraulic fractured (fracked) gas is methane, a very potent greenhouse gas that is released into the atmosphere not only as a combustible, but fugitive methane is released during drilling, extraction, transportation and through pervasive leaks in pipeline systems that are not considered a threat and therefore, not repaired.

Fracked gas expansion is a threat to our health, safety, aquifers, wildlife and climate. We have viable, economic options that are not being considered.


🌞 This is not an ECHO Action NH event, but we fully support our friends in the Upper Valley of NH & VT and the statewide effort to stop Liberty Utilities gas pipeline expansion and to promote 100% renewable energy!


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