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Protest/Hearing/Commenting against Offshore Drilling in the Gulf of Maine

Please take a few moments to tell the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management that offshore drilling in the Gulf of Maine would impact sea life, fishing, recreation, beaches, tourism and NH's economy. Thank you! 💧BOEM PUBLIC HEARING & PROTEST • March 5th at the Holiday Inn, Concord NH • Protest against drilling in the Gulf of Maine at 3:00 PM • Drop-in open meeting/hearing/commenting 3-7 PM Share Facebook event page 💧BOEM COMMENTING USING OUR FAST & EASY SCRIPT • Now through March 9th - please comment today! • Use our script - edit, add or send it as is! Share Facebook event page 💧PUBLIC MEETINGS NATIONWIDE Please share this post! Offshore drilling is about to open up off America's coasts nationwide.

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