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Prepared for Pipeline-Pushing Bullies to be knocking on your front door?


Kinder Morgan is now working various towns, knocking on doors, trying to negotiate deals offering thoughtful advice such as, "Make a financial deal with us now. If you don’t take it now, you will never get any money for your property." This is not true. Hold strong.

While we can't offer you legal advice, we can tell you what the overwhelming evidence suggests and what experts recommend: no surveys, no negotiations.

If you denied access to your property for surveys, great. Keep a copy of your letter near the door to reminder Kinder Morgan and their associates they cannot and should not trespass.

If you allowed surveys, you can and should consider rescinding access. Even if they have already surveyed your property, they will want to come back. Allowing surveys also means allowing access to surveying the property of your neighbors by proximity. Further, denying access sends a message to FERC that we are in opposition to the NED pipeline.

Not on the pipeline route? You can still send a denial of access. Routes are still changing. This will inform Kinder Morgan you don't want them on your property and send a message of solidarity. Easy form letters are here.


- If you have denied access and Kinder Morgan or their representatives are trespassing, take photos and/or video and call the police. Report their actions and ask for a police report. Send a copy of the report to FERC. We can help you if needed!

- If you do decide to negotiate a deal, we strongly recommend you obtain personal legal counsel and advice from those experienced in these matters before making this choice. It is well documented that access means increased access and building later. Compensation is rarely what is promised. Compensation is for a small segment of the land, a one-time fee, restricts use of the property and you must still pay taxes on it and are legally responsible for actions on your property.

QUESTIONS? Contact us! We can discuss your options and refer you to others for assistance.

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