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Pipeline predators tell you they only want an inch, but take every mile

PIPELINE PREDATORS (huge multi-billion dollar purveyors of fossil fuels) lure legislators & political parties with twisted "facts", campaign financing and kickbacks. They bait landowners, towns and cities with promised payments and tax abatements that are often undelivered. They make ratepayers (you and I) pay for their pipelines, suffer property destruction and devaluation, tainted water, landslides, polluted air & poisoned wildlife while they and their shareholders profit.

The predators tell you they only want an inch, but they'll take every mile. They're addicts and so are we. Someone has to get rehab by renewables.

Once the industry is allowed to start, and often when it's not, it's nearly impossible to stop them. This is what's happening to our neighbors in New York. Allowing Liberty Utilities to run unchecked can result in the same for the Granite State.

Megan Holleran and her family lost their 3 acre maple tree farm that supported the family's maple syrup business before the pipeline was even approved. The Constitution pipeline was not built.

New Hampshire's legislators were given a list of talking points and, busy people that they are, they're using them. We can't expect our legislators to be schooled on every topic they must address in their job, making decisions with our hard-earned tax funds, affecting millions of people, but we can expect them to listen.

Right now 22 of 24 NH State Senators support the Granite Bridge Pipeline. All NH Democratic Senators approve and they're leaning on candidates to support the project. It's important that we contact our State Representatives and State Senators to discuss the "facts" of the Granite Bridge Pipeline. Need to know more? Join us on Wednesday night at the Auburn Montessori School at 6 pm for a Pipeline Education Session. Bring your questions!

Renewables will strengthen our economy, our state's image, help retain our youth, provide sustainable jobs and abundant clean energy. We must press our legislators to protect us from fracked gas pipelines now.

"Highland, NY compressor station clearing. More of Cuomo's ban of fracking in NYS. And not far from Highland, NY is Hancock, NY where they will DOUBLE the size of the existing compressor station there."

- Cindy Beach, NY (Photo courtesy of Visualizing Pipeline Impacts)

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