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PETITION: NH Clean Energy, Not Catastrophe: Stop Granite Bridge Pipeline

"The catastrophic gas pipeline explosions in Lawrence, Andover and North Andover MA, so close to home, are a shocking reminder that the only safe pipeline is the one that isn't built.

Renewable energy is good for New Hampshire's economy, creates sustainable jobs, protects the health and safety of residents and wildlife and will mitigate climate change.

• We respectfully ask Governor Sununu to support raising the solar cap, renewable energy incentives, energy efficiency and request a federal task force to study offshore wind in the Gulf of Maine.

• We respectfully ask all of our NH State Senators to rescind their support of the Granite Bridge Pipeline & Epping LNG tank.

We don't want to pay for pipelines, stranded costs, and face the health and safety threats of pipelines. It's better to be #FossilFree603!

Solar is the new bridge fuel. The future of fossil fuels is litigation.

Learn more now at"



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