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Our own Pat Martin arrested at Spectra action in West Roxbury

Our friends fighting the West Roxbury pipeline in MA have asked for activists to assist in supporting their actions. Pat Martin, Sue Durling and Julia Steed Mawson have attended recent #StopSpectra events.

The West Roxbury lateral pipeline is currently under construction and has been the site of persistent vigils and pipeline opposition civil disobedience actions since before construction began last year.

Recently, the daughter of Vice President Al Gore, Karenna Gore, was arrested at the site with a contingent of clergy to raise awareness about the concerns over the increased methane in the atmosphere and impacts on climate.

According to the Boston Herald, "A group of elected officials from Boston, including Mayor Martin J. Walsh and U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch, is asking a District of Columbia appeals court to throw out an approval for a controversial natural gas pipeline in West Roxbury" this week. (article)


Today, at a planned action, Pat was arrested for the cause. After running through woods and crawling under a fence to infiltrate a Spectra worksite, she and three others temporarily stopped work at the site and were arrested.

The four activists were detained for several hours, first in a hot and dark police transport wagon and later in a cell. They were released and will be in court on Monday to face charges. They have been advised by Sugar Shack Alliance legal counsel.

"It was an AMAZING experience! I'll be smiling about this for years. The Boston Police were just wonderful to us. Very respectful and polite. The other people in this action were SO interesting! It was a delight to spend time locked up in a wagon/cell with them. The next phase is legal and it begins Monday morning. Feel privileged to be included in this action." stated Pat Martin.

We are, as always, very proud of her and thankful for her dedication to clean energy as New England, the East Coast, America and the globe fights the devastating effects of fracking.

* Video screen shots and photo outside Boston Police station thanks to Resist the West Roxbury pipeline.


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