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Northern & Southern NH - united against the Northern Pass project #NoNorthernPass


Will you support Protect the Granite State and put a sign on your lawn, at your business, in your town in support?

NED pipeline opponents - we need your help. Our friends in the North Country want to get the word out that we're united against unneeded, irresponsible energy projects that are damaging to the environment, our water, species and scenic state.

Additionally, we want to support the Innu Pessamit people of Quebec who have asked us to stop Hydro Quebec who claim they agree to and support the project. They do not, have never been compensated for their use of and damage to their lands and they're deeply concerned about the near extinction of salmon.

If you will host a sign, please contact Stephanie Scherr (through this website), who can provide signs. We also expect to have literature soon. If you business is willing to have literature available at your front desk, in your lobby or on a counter, that would be very helpful. More info to come! We're all in this together! #FossilFree603


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