• ECHO Action Editor

NH Energy Roundtable Discussion

Nashua Public Library

Wednesday, November 2nd, 6:30 pm

ECHO Action's Laura Lynch & Anne DiCicco have organized an energy discussion at the Nashua Public Library to inform and engage candidates for office and the public on important issues impacting the Granite State. All are welcome.

How can the alternative energy industry,activism and legislature work together to secure a clean, renewable, affordable, and socially just energy future for NH?

6:30 - Introductions and speakers - their stake, ideas, experiences, involvement - 5 mins

7:30 - Questions and open discussion.

Welcome - Laura Lynch - Candidate

Moderator - Mary Beth Raven

Introductions - Quick Round the room self intros

Dan Weeks - Candidate - ?

Pat Martin - Candidate, Volunteer Member Grid Modernization Work Group

Beverly Edwards - Chairman Temple Energy Committee

Steve Marchand - Northern Pass

Scott Lawrence - HAREI, Hillsborough County Area Renewable Energy Initiative

Stephanie Scherr, ECHO Action - Offshore Wind

Representative - Sierra Club

Shaina Kasper, Toxic Action - Equity in RGGI New England Campaign

Anne - RADNH - Jobs, Justice and Climate Campaign

Event information on Facebook.