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NH 10 Year Energy Strategy needs your support to maintain environmental standards (petition)

We, the signatories to this petition, urge that the New Hampshire 10-Year State Energy Strategy pursue a clean, healthy, economical energy future least impacted by climate change through: • The robust promotion of energy efficiency programs, policies and measures to reduce health-impairing pollution and lower energy costs • Emphasizing the development of renewable energy resources, especially solar and wind, that do not accelerate climate change by greenhouse gas (carbon) emissions, but will create jobs and establish a strong New Hampshire foothold in the emerging green energy economy • The immediate curtailment of state reliance on fossil fuels (oil, coal and natural gas) that cause pollution, accelerate climate change and expose utility ratepayers to inflated rates by overdependence on such fuels • Adherence to the Carbon Coalition’s Climate Change Resolution passed by more than 2/3 of New Hampshire towns in 2007, which calls upon the federal government to address climate change and develop research initiatives to create responsive innovative energy technologies • Continued state membership in the Under2Coalition, which commits to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to near net-zero by 2050 • Adding New Hampshire to the U.S. Climate Alliance, which commits states to meeting the U.S. goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change • Committing to 100% renewable energy use by 2050 • Presenting young job-seekers and businesses with a vision for the future that is fresh, welcoming of innovation, cutting-edge technologies and public transportation systems, building economically strong, healthy, safe communities, while protecting New Hampshire's natural resources and scenic beauty

In furtherance of the above, we specifically call for: • New Hampshire to request an offshore wind task force from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to bring offshore wind to New Hampshire • Prioritization of electric vehicle use and measures to facilitate the same such that the state encourages citizens to join in this critical, emerging transportation revolution and does not lose tourism dollars to states providing for easier electric vehicle use • A declaration that the Public Utilities Commission should consider further natural gas use and infrastructure expansion to be against the public interest and contrary to the official New Hampshire Energy Policy codified under RSA 378:37, as such use and expansion runs counter to the statutory directive to diversify our energy resources, presents health and safety risks and damages our environment • New Hampshire to support carbon pricing at the state, regional and/or national level as carbon pricing will reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, prevent health problems and premature deaths and, if collected fees are distributed to consumers, substantially stimulate our economy

Please note that, for the Office of Strategic Initiatives to take our petitions seriously, we understand that they require our full addresses. These will be used only for the submission of this petition.



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