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Meeting of NH's Enviro Orgs to learn about & strengthen RGGI law

NH Sierra Club, Moms Clean Air Force NH, Environment NH, League of Conservation Voters, Union of Concerned Scientists and Toxics Action put on a Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) workshop at UNH Law Wednesday night. There was also an opportunity to testify on behalf of strengthening the law.

Environmentalists from all over the state showed up to increase their knowledge of RGGI and to advocate for more public meetings and education on how it can benefit Granite Staters. ECHO Action's Pat, Stephanie and Mary Beth were there as well as other pipeline opponents. Pat and Stephanie both testified for stronger RGGI regulations.

As threats to our oceans, forests, farms, wildlife and climate increase, so does the unity between organizations, creating the synergy that will lead us all to a carbon-free future and a #FossilFree603!

Pat and Stephanie testifying for stronger, more understandable RGGI legislation and public education meetings.


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