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Lighted Art Climate Vigils in Keene continue!

LIGHT UP THE NIGHT FOR 100% RENEWABLES NOW! Lighted Art Installation & Climate Vigil! TIME & LOCATION 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Fridays, December 8th & 15th

Lighted sign rally at Central Square. Come prepared to wave at motorists and pedestrians and hear honks of support! We'll unveil another new sign at our next vigil! Prefer to walk and keep moving? We can give you handouts to share with pedestrians! 🔸Help us say NO LIBERTY UTILITIES FRACKED GAS EXPANSION in Keene and throughout New Hampshire! 🔸With more support, we can have signs in multiple locations in Keene. We need friends, dressed warmly, to wave at passing traffic and pedestrians during rush hour! 🔸Fracked gas expansion, methane leaks, extreme weather, drought, floods, ocean acidification and loss of species are devastating. Sometimes you have to make a bit of a spectacle of yourself to get noticed! Join us as we shed some light on the need for 100% renewable energy now! #CleanGreenKeene #NoKeeneGasPlant #NoPipelines #FossilFree603#DontGasTheGraniteState ESSENTIAL FOR COMFORT - Warm clothing & a coat, not a sweatshirt or jacket. A longer coat protects more of your body, keeping you more comfortable. - A hat and gloves. - Warm shoes and socks that put a buffer between your feet and cold ground. If you're dressed properly, you'll have a great time. ⚑ This after-dark event is not recommended for children. If you bring children with you, please dress them extra warmly and have them stay by your side, far from busy street traffic. You are responsible for the whereabouts, behavior and safety of your children. In December, the Christmas tree at Central Square will be lit and there may be more people around while we are there. It's important to keep a constant eye on children. MESSAGES You may bring signs supporting climate action and 100% renewable Keene now! - #FossilFree603 - Fracked Gas ≠ Climate Action - Keene Climate Action for 100% renewables - Opposition to Liberty Utilities' fracked gas push and gas plant in Keene (no approval for a permanent plant!) 🔴 IMPORTANT We recommend that you follow this Facebook event page for any updates or changes to this event. It is the only way for us to get updates to you if we change time or cancel due to weather or extreme cold. ORGANIZATIONS - All are welcome! Please share and plan to join this community event as we come together for our collective future! BUSINESSES - Are you going renewable? Are you saying no to fracked gas expansion in Keene? Join us and we'll give you a shoutout! NOTE - All of our events are nonviolent, drug-free, smoke-free and weapon-free. If you cannot abide by this, please do not join us. Thank you.

#climate #KeeneGasPlant #frackedgas #KeeneNH


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