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Liberty Utilities says they'll do everything to fight climate change, so are they?

Dear Editor,

Liberty Utilities hopes to build their 27-mile Granite Bridge Pipeline to transport natural gas from the coast to Manchester.

In a recent statement, Liberty Utilities said they "understand that climate change is real," and they "are going to do everything they can to fight it."


How does investing $340 million dollars in fossil fuel infrastructure fight climate change?

Does buying gas that is fracked, a process that contaminates water tables around thousands of extraction points fight climate change?

Since natural gas is methane, over 80 times a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, how does the release of natural gas at every transfer point, pressurization point, and through pressure blow-downs fight climate change?

In 2016, there were 16 natural gas leaks/explosions that made national news, including the Southern California Gas Company's leak in Aliso Canyon, California, that emitted 5 BILLION cubic feet of gas into the atmosphere.

That single accident caused widespread evacuations of homeowners and forced Gov. Jerry Brown to declare a State of Emergency. Before it was over, the accident's release equaled the annual exhaust emissions from nearly 600,000 cars.

I have to wonder, did Southern California Gas Co. tell their customers that natural gas would help "fight climate change?"

Understand something. Liberty Utilities is NOT out to fight climate change for you, for our children, or our grandchildren. Liberty Utilities is a for-profit company. Their goal is to make money.

Don't be fooled by their promises and words.

Chris Balch Wilton

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