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Liberty Utilities' missed pipeline inspections & failure to report leaks, are cause for concern.

Susan L. Durling

ECHO Action Team

The only safe gas pipeline is the one that is not built.

It has been reported that Columbia Gas, the company whose pipelines erupted in flames last week in Lawrence, Andover and North Andover, has been assessed fines totaling $100,000 over the last eight years. The fined violations include inadequate gas standards, improper pressure testing and failing to follow procedures and federal pipeline safety regulations.

Liberty Utilities, the company that proposes to build Granite Bridge Pipeline along Route 101, has paid $54,500 in fines in just the past two years for violations issued by the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission. The violations included missing required pipeline infrastructure inspections in 2015, skipping pipeline inspections in its Southern Division altogether in 2016 and failing to fix leaks in a timely manner.

Do we want a company with this safety record building a gas pipeline? I think not.

Susan L. Durling



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