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Liberty Utilities deal with Calpine Energy delays Granite Bridge at PUC

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

Granite Bridge Pipeline Delayed, still no position from Molly Kelly

On Sunday, October 14th, Sue and Stephanie attended an Epping Republican candidate forum where D. Maurice Kreis, the NH Consumer Advocate, was invited to speak. Mr. Kreis spoke candidly about the Office of Consumer Advocate and the Granite Bridge Pipeline.

Questions from those in attendance included whether the LNG tank would be double-hulled, how safe it would be,  concerns about the expense of electricity in NH and the impact on business and groups becoming intervenors.

Mr. Kreis announced that on Friday, October 12th, Liberty Utilities entered into an agreement with Calpine Corporation (Granite Ridge Energy Center), a natural gas electricity generator. This will likely reset their PUC docket on the Granite Bridge Pipeline & LNG project. The anticipated PUC decision would likely not come until around April.

This is good news for those of us who are asking legislators to promote renewables instead of fossil fuel expansion. We will continue to campaign for renewable energy and work with legislators, asking them to reconsider their support.

PLAN-NE's questions to Liberty Utilities, docket DG 17-198, October 12, 2018:

"REQUEST: Please describe any proposals that Liberty made to the owners of the Granite Ridge generating plant within the last five years to use a portion of Granite Ridge’s firm capacity on the Concord Lateral during peak periods (through capacity release, for example), and the results of any discussions.

RESPONSE: The Company has not made any formal proposal to the owner of the Granite Ridge generating plant over the past 5 years, but has had various discussions with the owners as to the business requirements of the generating facility and whether a firm peaking service or capacity service could be provided to EnergyNorth. In all instances, the owners of the Granite Ridge generating plant indicated that they could not provide such a service."

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