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Liberty Utilities claims gas pipeline fights climate change, thanks NH Dems for their support, despi

Our opposition to the Granite Bridge Pipeline is getting attention and Liberty is responding, sending the unions in to scare Dems in case they're thinking about shifting their position.

This is why we need everyone's support, but we need experienced NED opponents leading the charge and residents from impacted towns standing strong to protect their communities!

The Democratic Party's platform says that climate is an urgent threat to our economy, national security, children's health, and our future, saying we should be the clean energy superpower of the world, yet all NH Senate Democrats approve of the Granite Bridge Pipeline. Only 2 Republicans oppose it.

The publicity our opposition has received was responded to with a showing of LiUNA union workers and 2 lighted trucks making a grand gesture to the senators who approve of the Granite Bridge Pipeline.

We brought our own lighted signs and reminded those attending that pipelines increase methane (CH4) emissions, a greenhouse gas 86 times more potent than carbon dioxide (CO2). Pipelines are not progressive.

Pat Martin walked the line outside the Democratic Convention speaking with campaign supporters and union workers, discussing Right To Work legislation and an alliance between environmental advocates and unions, receiving overwhelmingly positive responses.

Gubernatorial candidate, Steve Marchand, opposed to the Granite Bridge Pipeline, stopped to chat and take a photo with renewable energy advocates. Inside the convention, Congressional candidate Mindi Messmer spoke about protecting water quality. NH State Representative candidates Chris Balch (Wilton) and Jennifer Dube (Raymond, a pipeline threatened town), joined us outside, protesting the Granite Bridge Pipeline.

You can learn more about the Granite Bridge Pipeline at our July 11th community pipeline education session at the Auburn Montessori School.

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Candidates for NH State Representative, Jennifer Dube (left, Raymond) and Chris Balch (right, Wilton) and Pat Martin, (second from right) stood outside the convention, showing their support for renewable energy and climate action, opposing the Granite Bridge Pipeline.

Steve Marchand, candidate for NH Governor, is putting #NH families & children first, supporting renewable energy jobs, protecting clean air and water, health, safety, climate wildlife, tourism and our future by saying no to the Granite Bridge Pipeline.

NH Candidates for Congress, Governor, State Representative, oppose Granite Bridge Pipeline

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