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Liberty Utilities calls Bethlehem landfill gas renewable, we call it dirty

Is combusting landfill gas better than emitting it straight into the environment? If it's for existing gas customers, then it's probably a good choice. If the landfill methane is for new customers, then it's a bad choice because when the landfill methane is used up, the customers will become users of fracked gas from other sources. It's just one more way to hook new customers on fracked methane gas.

Methane is a greenhouse gas that is more potent than #CO2, therefore, any combustion is will enhance anthropogenic global warming.

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"A plan to build a natural gas plant at a North Country landfill has gotten preliminary approval from the town of Bethlehem.

The $15 million-dollar project comes from several companies, including Liberty Utilities.

It would capture methane given off by decomposing trash at the Casella-owned landfill.

Then the facility would convert that methane into natural gas for sale to Liberty's customers.

Developers say the project would benefit the environment, because natural gas contributes less than methane to the carbon emissions that drive climate change.

Liberty would be the state's first utility to own a landfill gas plant. A similar facility in Rochester supplies gas to the University of New Hampshire.

Pending other state and local approvals, Liberty and its partners hope to break ground next spring."

Bethlehem Advances Liberty Utilities' Landfill Gas-Capture Proposal

Liberty Utilities Proposes Turning Bethlehem Landfill Methane Into Natural Gas

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