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Let me tell you a story about Liberty Utilities and Granite Bridge Pipeline

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Laura Lynch, Temple NH

Kinder Morgan NED Pipeline Activist

I am wife, a mom of 6 adult children, and a Nana of 11 grandkids. I moved to Temple a few years ago, because I wanted to live in a more peaceful, cleaner environment and have a safe place for my children and grandchildren to visit.

What a shock I received when I found out that an 80,000 HP compressor station was going to be built a quarter of a mile away from my home. As a person who suffers from COPD this scared the HELL out of me.

My husband and I went to our first town meeting regarding the Kinder Morgan/NED Pipeline. I was shocked we had just bought our retirement home. I needed to do something to help stop this so I joined the Temple Adhoc Advisory committee. I fought alongside many friends and family to stop Kinder Morgan from invading Southern New Hampshire.

Liberty Utilities and Kinder Morgan thought we were all a bunch of ignorant hicks because we lived in the rural area of NH. We were called the low kill zone. Liberty/KM would lead the public to believe that this gas was going to homes in Southern NH but through their actions we believed that most of it was actually destined to be exported to Nova Scotia and then shipped to Asia and Europe.

They told us that the compressor station would not effect the area at all and that it was safe for our air, water, land and health. Because of research and talking to other parts of the country who already had these massive compressor stations now destroying their land, air, water and their health, as well as killing their pets and farm animals we realized that Liberty Utilities and KM lied to us about everything. It was going to to be a major threat to our air, our wells, aquifers, land, farms and health. They wanted to build this compressor station just upwind of an elementary school.

Why I am telling you all about this is because I am so concerned about the Granite Bridge which Liberty is trying to push on you and your neighbors. Your select board and town councils seems to think that this is a good idea because Liberty are going to donate $7,000,000,00 a year to your town.

Well let me tell you a little story that Liberty is not telling you. They are not telling you about how this pipeline is going to effect your water and your land. It doesn't matter whether it is going to be built on the 101 corridor it is still going to effect all of you. It is not telling you about the cost to get the gas to your door which will be thousands of dollars and who is going to pay for that. They aren't. They are not telling you that the only reason our electric rates are high is because we have the highest transmission rates in the country. That is the process of getting the gas to your house. It has nothing to do with how much electricity or energy we have. The state of NH has plenty.

Go back and educate yourself about the Kinder Morgan/Liberty Utilities/NED pipeline. Read about how many peoples homes and livelihoods and farm animals and water and health were destroyed by them trying to get the gas up here from the Pennsylvania Shales. Ask the many people who are now suffering in this country because they believed the promises that these companies told them. Check out the attached list. These are the many people that believed the lies and are now suffering.

I am writing this because I want your town and the towns around you to really educate yourselves before believing any of the lies and letting Liberty Utilities and all the people in our state house, who are receiving big money from Eversource and Liberty Utilities, and their lobbyists take advantage of you. They don't care about you as long as the money continues to come in. So check out how much your representatives have received from these companies and please seriously think of the damage this is going to cause to your neighborhoods and our state.

Please don't wait get out there and fight this. Your children and grandchildren will thank you for protecting our state from being destroyed by this industry.

List of the Harmed

EDITOR'S NOTE: At this time, the Granite Bridge Pipeline & Epping LNG route would include 2 metering stations, one in Manchester and one in Stratham. It is not unusual for metering stations or compressor stations to be increased in size, sometimes significantly, when a company proposes to increase the size or area of a pipeline. The compressor stations proposed for the NED pipeline were to be 80,000 horsepower, the largest on the East Coast.

View our interactive map of the Granite Bridge route to see where the pipeline route would go and where the metering stations (marked only as "stations" on Liberty Utilities' maps) would be located.


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