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LEE NYQUIST 4 State Senate is for CLEAN ENERGY, not pipelines. Shame on Senator Andy Sanborn for fib


PLEASE, CONSIDER LEE NYQUIST FOR NH STATE SENATE for positive change, CLEAN ENERGY & INTEGRITY! Your vote counts & matters!

As a climate educator, advocate for climate action and renewable energy, known for speaking to the Granite State's need to move away from fossil fuels and pipelines and towards a #FossilFree603, I feel very confident in asking you to consider Lee Nyquist when you cast your very important vote on Tuesday.

I have met with and spoken to Lee Nyquist for State Senate, Dan Weeks for Executive Council and Andru Volinsky for Executive Council enough to feel very assured that each of them is dedicated to improving the lives of Granite Staters in many ways - everything from jobs, economy, education, unions, health care, social issues and increasing the minimum wage to our critical need for CLEAN, RENEWABLE ENERGY.

Republicans in NH helped in the fight against the NED pipeline, generally in response to eminent domain issues. I'm very appreciative and thank them for their support. Unfortunately, at this time there's no indication they are getting behind the renewable energy movement.

The fossil fuel era is over. Mark my words, the future of fossil fuels is litigation. Those who promote and push them upon us, having ignored abundant and readily available scientific data indicating that their use will be devastating to all life on the planet, are putting themselves in the precarious position of being held accountable for the impacts we will all suffer from those decisions.

I can only say that Senator Andy Sanborn's decision to get down and roll in the mud, just days before the election, first with an undocumented quote in a mailer that claims Lee Nyquist is for pipelines and now with road signs, is unprofessional at best. What an unfortunate decision. It's absurd and completely unfounded.

Lee's position is clear. He's here to protect our air and water from pipeline expansion for our #health, #safety and to buffer us from the impacts of climate change.

Pipelines won't make our electricity cheaper. They won't offer jobs. Clean energy will. Let's get behind the abundant clean energy & job opportunities associated with NH offshore wind! Lee, Dan & Andru are listening and learning about it. I'd be happy to chat about it with you at any time.

When I speak to Lee, I know I have been heard. You will be too. Please take that into consideration when you cast your vote on Tuesday. Lee will listen and I believe he'll be a representative we can be proud of.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ✓ Don't forget to *WRITE IN* clean energy candidate & pipeline fighter Patricia Martin for NH House, District 11, Cheshire County 2016 in Fitzwilliam & Rindge! Check your mail for directions. Thank you friends. #NHpolitics - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


"Stephanie Scherr speaks truth to power here. Please read it all the way through and then share, share, share and vote for Lee Nyquist. I have praised Senator Sanborn for supporting raising the Solar Cap and opposing the pipeline, but he [Senator Sanborn] still opposes RGGI [Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative] and energy efficiency program funding. NH ranks 21st in the country for energy efficiency. Most of our neighboring states rank in the top 10!

Lee hasn't been in office, so he can't point to a voting record. We can look at Andy Sanborn's record. Andy's bill to protect homeowners would have passed if he were willing to also support RGGI. He wasn't willing, so his noble efforts were wasted. If we're going to make progress on energy, we need RGGI. Andy should never have used something positive that has empowered the people in such a negative way. The pipeline had many heroes. We celebrate them all, but we won't tolerate "stolen valor" or bullying the people who weren't in office or given a platform to speak. #nhpolitics"


Desperate Andy Sanborn Resorts To Lies To Save His Political Career

* If you don't have something nice to say, you're in the wrong place. We're talking #facts & #truth. We won't get down in the mud with anyone.

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