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Keene Gas Plant Update 6/10/17


On Wednesday night, the Municipal Services, Facilities and Infrastructure Committee approved the closure of Production Avenue as Liberty Utilities moves forward with a temporary gas plant in Keene.

An underground line has already been installed. The plant should be functional by the end of the month. Once the temporary plant is functional, they will proceed with plans for a permanent plant.

The City Council will make the final vote on Thursday, June 15th at 7 pm and is expected to approve the plan. A source at City Hall tells us the Mayor wants to see the entire City of Keene on gas. It is our experience that businesses support this move because of the discounted fuel rates offered.

Liberty Utilities is offering cities a 10% discount to sign up for gas, then they raise the rates on their other customers. Businesses scramble to get on board, most without knowledge of the grander plan to get the Granite State hooked on gas, creating demand for a pipeline.

Is it all over? Not at all. We'll continue working to put the brakes on the permanent gas plant and promote renewable energy solutions.

We need a team to get out and speak to Keene business owners. If that is something you would like to be involved with, or know someone else who should join us, please send your first and last name, town, phone number(s) and email to Stephanie.

Keene Gas Plant Information

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