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I want to thank the KM Blue Man Group for unintentionally waking up this state. Fighting the pipeline was only part of the battle. Nearly all of the pipeline opposition dug their heels in against environmentalists, had a word list that excluded environmental concerns, fracking, renewable energy and climate. The very few of us (2) who pushed for these considerations were bullied out of fear that Republicans would not listen to us.

One person, who is an invaluable resource, was banned from meetings. We were even sent FB messages demanding we remove posts about environmental issues on our pages. Again and again they were asked to change direction and reconsider. The entire first year they refused to discuss clean energy options, fracking or climate. This did not start out as a warm, fuzzy united effort.

Before the march to Concord, just a few months ago, the larger group still didn't want climate or environmental messaging. We rallied against it - literally. Without this extended pipeline battle, and time to educate and evolve, we'd still be there.

The pushback against the pipeline has raised awareness in NH. Solar is booming and previously opposed wind projects are being reconsidered. We're still behind VT & MA, but we'll get there. It's about time.

Climate change is not a partisan issue, it's a life on this planet issue. Republicans were stronger than they were given credit for. They didn't melt in the face of environmental concerns. Some rose to the occasion. When the first Republican, NH's own Senator Kelly Ayotte, courageously signed the ‪#‎CPP‬ (good for her), it became apparent that a paradigm shift is taking place. We may not agree on all issues, but this is one we must unite and take action on.

We've come a long way. We should not forget where we have come from and where we still need to go. It's refreshing and encouraging to see discussion and promotion of clean energy and pushback against fossil fuels.

We should all be pressuring every candidate for public office to take a stand on climate, commit to 100% clean energy and stop taking money from the fossil fuel industry. Remember who opposed NED and who sat on the fence refusing to stand their ground. Look for fresh faces with open minds who promote a hopeful, clean energy future. Every life on this planet depends on it.

Congratulations New Hampshire, you're moving forward. ‪#‎FossilFree603‬

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