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Josh Fox has an #EscalationSummer message for activists! March at the DNC to help #BanFracking!

How to let go of the world and love all the things climate can't change

A message from Josh Fox to Resist The Pipeline!

From Andrea Doremus Cuetara at Resist the West Roxbury Pipeline:

"Thank you, Josh Fox for making this message. It matters! We are DEFINITELY fighting this "fracked gas" infrastructure here in West Roxbury. Grateful to you. Do you remember my dad, Roy Doremus? You guys were making those "spraying" videos in Harlem. He is old now.

Maybe you don't REALIZE because you haven't been told ... but besides fighting against stupid CLIMATE CHAOS ... we are also actually in a direct fight for the immediate safety of our lives here. promises that building a "Metering and Regulating" station right across the street from a 100-yr-old actively blasting STONE QUARRY will "be totally safe." ???

How common sense stupid is that?!! There are SO MANY PEOPLE though-out the wide range of our neighborhood who have stories about cracked foundations, and cracked windows, and major stuff that has been moved due to this quarry blasting. We all know that there is NO WAY that the blasting won't have an impact on the high-pressure 750psi pipeline! YES! SEE YOU IN PHILADELPHIA for the DNC!!! My whole wonderful family is planning to come!"


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