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Join us in a PRAYER ACTION in response to OK Governor's "Oilfield Prayer Day"

Response to Oklahoma Governor's declaration of "Oilfield Prayer Day"

We proclaim October 13th, every day until the November 8th election, and every day after...

"Prayers for Climate Deniers, Frackers & the Fossil Fuel Industry: Moments of Awakening"


People of every faith, spirituality and believers in the need to protect Mother Earth, are encouraged to stop and pray, send silent or loudly proclaimed prayers and positive, peaceful thoughts of good will with us tomorrow from every curve of our planet at 9:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 3:00 PM & 6:00 PM.

We ask that you consider sharing your prayers in writing below, and on our Facebook page and Twitter, so that we may share them with others on social media. May our thoughts and prayers be an overwhelming wave of positive influence on our communities and the world.


• All those who deny climate change, its ever-increasing impacts, and associated droughts, floods, loss of species, ocean acidification, diminishing forests, and intensifying storms

• All those not concerned about the red flag warning of 400 ppm atmospheric carbon

• All those who work in, support and invest in the fossil fuel industry

• All those whose health has been threatened or impacted by fracking and the fossil fuel industry to include, but not limited to: black lung disease, lung cancer, other cancers, tainted and/or flammable water supply, nose bleeds, inability to perform daily tasks or work

• All those who have loss of property, home or life by eminent domain or proximity to fracking fields, methane leaks that cannot be seen or smelled, but identified on FLIR cameras

• All those who have lost hundreds or thousands of hours of their lives, family time and peace of mind while fighting mines, tar sands, pipelines, spills, fracking and FERC

• All those who have lost untold amounts of money fighting or suing mines, pipelines, spills, tar sands fracking, the fossil fuel industry and FERC.

• All of the wildlife who have lost habitat and food, cruelly suffered and died, been forced to try survival in dangerous or polluted conditions due to mines, pipelines, endless spills, tar sands fracking, the fossil fuel industry and those unable to connect with the world around them

• All of the generations of life on planet Earth who will endure the legacy we leave them, attempting to survive on an inhospitable planet or not survive at all

• For all those who have lost loved ones who worked for the fossil fuel industry

• For all those who put their hearts, words, money, time and lives on the line to change the world for the better, seeking opportunity at every turn to protect, preserve and defend all life on Earth, because every life has been impacted by the fossil fuel industry and ever life deserves equal protection.


We thank you in advance for sending your positive prayers out to the world on October 13th and every day. As the movement grows, the uprising lifts higher, as we come together peacefully in love for life and each other, demanding change, so shall it be.



Please join us now, today, in sharing your peaceful, mindful prayers for positive change on our blog (comment at the bottom of this page) or FB page (ECHO Action) and Twitter (@ECHOactionteam).



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