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Jay Inslee calls out Enbridge's Line 5 pipeline as a 'clear and present threat'

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

If we're going to make the climate emergency the top campaign issue of this election, we must demand that candidates walk the talk and stop the pipelines. Today, that's exactly what Washington State's Governor Jay Inslee did.

Jay Inslee's campaign has been thoroughly investigating the details of specific pipelines and today, he called the Enbridge Line 5 a clear and present threat. The pipeline, which threatens the Great Lakes, was a no-brainer to oppose. If the central message of your campaign is the climate crisis, start calling out pipelines.

Enbridge’s Line 5 pipeline carries 23 million gallons of crude oil and natural gas each day. and runs 645 miles between Wisconsin, and Ontario. Four miles of the line has two pipes (oil and gas) that run across the Straits of Mackinac, Michigan, linking Lake Huron and Lake Michigan.

Jay Inslee's advocacy in calling out #Line5 oil & gas pipelines is commendable. I call upon every #Election2020 candidate to speak out about the dirty energy environmental injustices facing Americans in every corner of our nation.

Points made in Governor Inslee's press conference video:

• Stop the leasing of fossil fuels on public lands

• Take the filibuster away from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

• Evergreen Economy Plan

- Get off coal, gas and diesel in 10 years

- 100% electric grids

- Energy efficiency to keep utility bills from skyrocketing

- Put 8 million people to work and save children from asthma-causing pollutants

• Called on Tom Perez to have a Climate Change Debate

• Biden offered a plan, but his proposals do not have teeth and lack ambition to defeat the climate crisis. Wishes for 30 years from now and we can't wait that long

• Need a president who can look the fossil fuel industry in the eye

• Eliminate fossil fuel subsidies

• Science says we have to act on climate today

Stephanie Scherr

Activist Echoes Blog Editor

Jay Inslee says Enbridge Line 5 is ‘clear and present threat’ to Great Lakes #BanFracking #NHpolitics #FITN #FossilFree603#603ClimateEmergency #NoGraniteBridgePipeline #StopGBP#FossilFreeASAP

Jay Inslee calls out Enbridge's Line 5 pipeline as a 'clear and present threat'


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