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Is America about to put a price on carbon?

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

A bipartisan group of legislators introduced Citizens Climate Lobby's Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act today!

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2018 was introduced in Congress by two Republicans and three Democrats today. This historic bipartisan bill would enact carbon fee and dividend into law when passed, and is the result of your hard work and support over many years. This is a first significant step as we work towards putting a fee on carbon! CCL believes in bipartisan climate action and so does ECHO Action.

Methane Leaks: (from extraction at well sites and pipelines) IPCC says CO2 is still the bigger problem at this time. This would treat methane leakage by leaving it to be regulated by EPA standards. It would be subject to the fee if it is burned as CO2.

No bill number has been assigned yet! This is exciting preview information!

26 million Americans are alarmed or concerned about climate change and are not taking action because no one is asking them. Tonight, we ask you to join us in climate action and to support CCL's work on carbon fee and dividend!

THANK YOU to John Gage, Joel Huberman, Marge Shepardson, Mary Beth Raven, Susan Opal and all of our #NH friends at CCL NH south central!


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