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Impressed and alarmed at responses to NH carbon pricing

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Chris Balch

NH State Representative

Science, Technology, Energy Committee

Having participated in the NH House’s Science, Technology, and Energy Committee’s hearing on HB735, the bill proposing a NH Carbon Fee and Rebate, I am both impressed and alarmed.

I am impressed that Representative Lee Oxenham and co-sponsors have crafted a bill that addresses our immediate need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions while improving energy efficiency, supporting innovation, and providing economic stimulation.

I am alarmed at how many members of the energy industry have banded together to oppose, misunderstand, and spread misunderstanding about the bill.

While new to NH, a carbon fee is not a new idea.

Bills similar to HB735 have been introduced in most New England states. Our Canadian neighbors have adopted a similar plan with success. And this year, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act is under consideration by the United States Congress.

These bills are supported internationally by the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC), and also nationally by diverse groups such as the Federal Energy Regulation Commission, the Citizen’s Climate Lobby, the Natural Resource Defense Council, the Sierra Club, the Conservation Law Foundation, the Audubon Society, the ECHO Environmental Justice Network, and literally hundreds more organizations who recognize the positive impacts a carbon fee/rebate brings.

I urge people to truly educate themselves about, and to support, NH’s HB735. I urge the people of NH to not listen to the fossil fuel industry’s negative rhetoric. Trump’s own 2018 National Climate Assessment (NCA) agrees with the UNIPCC in the immediate need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Reduced emissions, improved energy efficiency, support of innovation, and economic stimulation. Thanks to HB735, these are all things NH has an opportunity to become a leader in.


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