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Heads Up: The FBI is Harassing an Activist’s Friends and Family in Asheville, NC

In early April, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents began contacting friends, acquaintances, and the family of an activist and Earth First!er in Asheville, North Carolina.

Beginning on April 4, the agents—specifically an agent named Miriam Oviedo-Clark—started contacting people in the activist’s personal life. When those being questioned asked what the questions were about, the FBI agent vaguely responded that it was about an investigation and encouraged them to pressure the activist to contact the FBI. Upon hearing this, the activist contacted their lawyer, informed people close to them about what was happening and that they should never talk to the police or federal agents. The FBI then started harassing the activist’s family, calling their parents’ home persistently to try and get information out of them. The activist’s lawyer then called the FBI and told them that the activist is not going to cooperate and is going to remain silent.

The activist being targeted has refused to speak with law enforcement throughout this process, and will continue to do so.

Remember, if an FBI agent contacts you, you do not have to speak to them—and you never should. They are trained to lie to you, and to try to trick you, and any information you give them, no matter how seemingly innocent, could cause serious harm to you, your friends, your comrades, and any movement of resistance of which you are a part. If an agent knocks, do not answer the door, as them to leave their card at the door and to leave, then contact an attorney immediately.

Look at these resources for more information on what to do if an agent contacts you or people you know:

If An Agent Knocks” booklet by the Center for Constitutional Rights

Know Your Rights for Activists” article and video by the Civil Liberties Defense Center

If you have questions or information about FBI harassing or contacting activists in North Carolina or in your area, contact the Earth First! Journal at

Did you know that ECHO Action has a page devoted to Activist Rights? This article and others are available any time you need it.

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