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Group that helps shape electricity markets in New England wants to keep its meetings secret

D. Maurice Kreis, NH Consumer Advocate

Concord Monitor, 8/22/18

ECHO Action follows the NH Consumer Advocate fairly closely. He does his job - rather refreshing in current times - and represents the ratepayers, that's us!

In recent tweets, he's made his objection to NEPOOL's FERC request clear.

Now he's written for the Concord Monitor about NEPOOL's request to ban the press from its stakeholder meetings.

"A little-known organization that helps shape policy for electricity markets in New England wants the federal government to let it keep its meetings secret.

The request, which has drawn objections from the New Hampshire Consumer Advocate, comes from NEPOOL, or New England Power Pool, a group composed of utilities, power plants, and various participants in the wholesale electric markets. NEPOOL filed the request with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Aug. 13, asking FERC to formalize a longstanding informal practice of not allowing members of the press to become a member of the group or to otherwise attend or cover meetings.

Allowing coverage “would adversely impact NEPOOL’s ability to continue to foster candid discussions and negotiations in its stakeholder meetings,” it says in the filing.

Don Kreis, the New Hampshire consumer advocate with the Public Utilities Commission and a member of NEPOOL, has intervened in the FERC proceeding and plans to file an objection.

On Twitter, Kreis expressed dismay at the move."

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