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Green, Not Gas message to PUC about Granite Bridge Pipeline

This is a Climate Emergency, we must stop the Granite Bridge Pipeline.

9:00 am - Clean Energy Visibility outside the PUC facing the street.

10:00 am - Attend the Pre-Hearing if possible.

Liberty Utilities needs to stop greenwashing the Granite Bridge Pipeline. It's a climate problem, not a solution.

The GBP has been on hold for several months as Liberty Utilities reworks their approach and have been ramping up the greenwashing in recent weeks.

On March 15th, the Granite Bridge Pipeline will be back at the PUC.


ECHO Action is collecting quotes from youth (Kindergarten to College), asking them, "Why should we stop burning fossil fuels and use clean energy instead?"

Instructions at:


Join climate action advocates at the NH PUC pre-hearing to show our opposition to the Granite Bridge Pipeline.

• Wear green if you have it.

• Bring signs with clean energy messages.

• Leave signs in the car if you come into the pre-hearing.

• Dress warmly!


• Stop Granite Bridge Pipeline

• Green, Not Gas

• Clean Energy Now

• It's Our Futue

• Do It For The Children

Thank you for sending this important message to the agency that approves.....or rejects.....the Granite Bridge Pipeline.

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