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Get the statewide NH warrant article on your city or town ballot to support Offshore Wind in the Gul

Hello friends,

We are working with 350NH to raise awareness of and support for offshore wind in the Gulf of Maine. Governor Sununu has stated that he will take action to initiate the required study if we can demonstrate support for offshore wind.

I ask that you share this warrant article with your town's selectmen, ask for their support, and have this warrant article on the ballot at town meeting this spring.

You will find the draft warrant article and instructions as well as a printable brochure on the Offshore Wind page. Please talk frequently about this project and how it would boost NH's economy and bring tens of thousands of jobs to the region. Many thanks to our friends at 350NH & NH Rebellion for developing the warrant article & instructions!

Thank you friends, for your continued support. This is a very exciting prospect for the Granite State! We're ready to be #FossilFree603!

Yours in climate action,

Stephanie Scherr

Facebook: NHoffshorewind

Twitter: NHoffshorewind

#offshorewind #renewableenergy #NH39sEnergyIQ


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