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Epping residents need more Granite Bridge Pipeline & LNG education, the time to act is now

Updated: Aug 31, 2018


Comments made by community members at Monday's Select Board meeting indicate there's a need for further education about Granite Bridge Pipeline. ECHO Action would be happy to offer a public information session to increase pipeline education and the specifics of this project not provided by Liberty Utilities. Unfortunately, we could not attend because we were in Exeter on Monday night educating their Select Board about the metering station moved to their town.

♦️Baresich said he wasn’t there to talk about the pipeline, a 27-mile undertaking that would stretch from Manchester to Stratham. “That’s a state-funded, government-approved project,” he said of the pipeline, which has been endorsed by Gov. Chris Sununu. “It’s a done deal.”

🔹First, the tank would be 2 billion, not 200 billion cubic feet of LNG storage.

🔹The pipeline IS NOT a done deal and Governor Sununu does not approve this project, the PUC does and they're still assessing it. In fact, LU has missed a deadline with the PUC, who required them to do tests they didn't want to do.

🔹The pipeline & LNG tank would be funded by Liberty's ratepayers. It is NOT a government funded project. Need proof? Call D. Maurice Kreis, the NH Consumer Advocate.

♦️ "Munguia said there isn’t much any Epping resident can do about the first stage of the project, which is obtaining approval by the Public Utilities Commission. Granite Bridge has not passed that body yet, he said."

🔹This is NOT TRUE. The public can go to the docket and read all of the comments written about the project and submit their own about their concerns. The PUC reads them!

🔹The public can attend PUC proceedings. Some you can comment, some only listen, but your presence alone makes a statement!

♦️"Selectman Michael Yergeau said at some point there would be a meeting to discern the opinion of the town, and he reminded his colleagues and the television audience, “The SEC stopped Northern Pass. We need to get to that point.”

🔹There needs to be town education session and a town forum and soon. Liberty wants this project approved by the end of the year. There's no time to wait.

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We were in your position when the NED pipeline was being pushed through Southern NH by pipeline giant Kinder Morgan. We've been doing this work since 2014. We can help, it's what we do. You can start by learning more at You can view our interactive pipeline route map and videos of the quarry and surrounding wetlands on the page.


They're also concerned about the pipeline & LNG tank.

Read the full article on Seacoastline with recently updated details.

Epping Selectmen concerns about proposed 200 billion cubic foot storage tank.

Stephanie Scherr, Editor


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